Santevia Gravity Water System with Fluoride Removal Filter

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Healthy Since Day One

The Gravity Water System is our most popular system. Crafted for performance, the Gravity Water System gives you the highest quality filtration, which delivers an incredible taste. Santevia’s Gravity Water System creates clean, mineralized alkaline water, optimized for your health.

  • First set of filters included
  • Filters Fluoride, Lead, Chlorine, Vinyl Chloride & other contaminants
  • Adds Calcium, Magnesium & trace minerals
  • Raises the pH level by up to +2.0
  • Makes water taste fresh & delicious
  • Replaces 2,920 plastic bottles of water for every year in use
  • Buy 1 Gravity Water System and give 100 days of clean drinking water to communities living in water poverty