About Us

Store owner Bernard Kash has spent over 25 years in the natural wellness industry and has counseled thousands of clients across the United States as well as internationally. Doctors of all professions from Orthopedic Surgeons to Toxicologists have sent their patients to him for his expert advice on natural alternatives to modern medicines.

After many years of phone calls, emails and requests from people all over the world, Bernard decided to share his knowledge and launch his very own private label that will help millions of people with everything from weight loss to cancer prevention. After the premature death of Bernard's father (age 54 from Doctor's error), Bernard became passionate about helping others avoid premature death. His mission in life has become the pursuit of natural methods and alternative medicines to help people avoid and overcome health conditions that rob us of the quality of life to which we are all entitled.

‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.‘

“Those were the words of my wise and admired father, and they have become the principle by which I conduct my business each day. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Viva Vitamins. In this world, concern for others and ethical commitment are paramount. We create healthier, happier, more energetic lifestyles through the expert development and distribution of premium, cost-effective nutritional supplements. Viva Vitamins is proud to present a continuously growing range of vitamins and nutritional supplements that are backed by real, innovative science. Our team of highly experienced experts begins in the laboratory and extends to our retail stores, encompassing every step along the way. The results: exceptional nutraceuticals, enthusiastic customer service, and healthy, happy customers. Welcome to our world!”

– Bernard Kash, Founder