The Earth Wise Vitamins Team

The Earth Wise Nutrition Centers Team

Real People, Genuine Integrity

Earth Wise Vitamins is made up of real people, who have a real, very genuine love for the interest of health. Every single team member has dedicated their life to working in a field and for a company that is dedicated to quality of life. Take a moment and meet our team below. Also please visit our Story Page and Quality Control Page for more information about our company.

Our team

Bernard Kash

Bernard Kash - Founder, CEO

Bernard Kash has spent over 15 years in the natural wellness industry and has counseled thousands of clients across the United States as well as internationally. Doctors of all professions from Orthopedic Surgeons to Toxicologists have sent their patients to him for his expert advice on natural alternatives to modern medicines.

More about Bernard

After many years of phone calls, emails and requests from people all over the world, Bernard decided to share his knowledge and launch his very own private label that will help millions of people with everything from weight loss to cancer prevention. After the premature death of Bernard's father (age 54 from Doctor's error), Bernard became passionate about helping others avoid premature death. His mission in life has become the pursuit of natural methods and alternative medicines to help people avoid and overcome health conditions that rob us of the quality of life to which we are all entitled.

One of Bernard's passions is Children's health. Children's immune systems are naïve and over time "learn" to be effective at fighting all that life throws at them. He believes that instead of injecting children with drugs (that does "the work" for their immune system) we can use natural remedies to "teach" their immune system how to fight.

Bernard's Special Message to You: "When it comes to natural remedies - what you don't know CAN hurt you! If you've got questions - I've got answers. I'll help you gain the knowledge you need to make the right choices for you and your loved ones. You just never know. The life you save just might be your own. As I always say: People don't care how much you know – until they know how much you care."

Cheryl Broughton - Fitness Expert

Cheryl Broughton - Co-Founder, Brand Promotions and Media

Cheryl has an extensive background in the fitness and nutrition industry as an author, educator, motivational speaker, host of fitness videos and TV shows. For years she's also motivated people by forming the first and most successful fitness Boot Camp in Southern California. Being passionate about her clients needs, Cheryl teamed up with Bernard in 1996 to create lectures that dispel myth vs. facts in the supplement industry.

More about Cheryl

Cheryl has over 15 years experience in brand promotions and has managed events and promotions for just about every company from Reebok and Gatorade to Snapple and Direct TV. Cheryl's numerous years in the fitness, vitamin and promotions industry have evolved into her dream job – being the co-founder of Viva Vitamins and Director of Brand/Media Development for Earth Wise Nutrition Centers and Viva Vitamins.

Cheryl and co-founder Bernard Kash have teamed up with professionals in the supplement industry whose experience spans the over the last four decades. Their ultimate objective is making Viva Vitamins, Earth Wise Vitamins and Bella Nutraceuticals the most unique supplement company using only highest quality ingredients in efficacious doses.

Alexis Link

Alexis Link - General Manager of Operations

Although Alexis was an engineer, her personal passion was nutrition and the role supplements play in our health and quality of life. After many years of personal study, she opened her store in 1992. Now, 17 years later, it is a family run business with a certified nutritionist on staff. All staff members are extremely well educated in the field of nutrition and supplementation. Alexis feels the emphasis is on the individual that comes into the store. Each person is unique with unique needs and requirements.

More about Alexis

Whether it is a need to resolve a particular health issue or concern over a comprehensive supplementation program for general well being, all the staff members are equipped to address the client's needs and also educate the clients about nutrition and supplements. A very important segment of our counseling focuses on educating the client. When the client is knowledgeable, then she/he can make the right choices in the arena of natural remedies and alternative medicines to overcome health issues. We are very proud to recommend the Viva line of supplements to our clients.

Lynn Sanders

Lynn Sanders - Customer Service Manager

Lynn has been involved in the Wellness Industry for over 20 years. She is a Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist and regularly lectures at various higher learning institutions on basic vitamin/mineral/herbal supplement facts. She became involved in the industry after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Not satisfied with conventional treatment methods, she began to learn about natural remedies and slowly began to see changes in her condition.

More about Lynn

Driven by her own results with natural products she developed a passion to pass on those same benefits to others who also suffered any number of ailments and wanted a natural treatment alternative that offered results. In store, Lynn and her highly trained staff of vitamin specialists offer free consultations and vitamin fitting options that create lifestyle programs that customers can live and thrive with for noticeable benefits. By doing extensive research about quality the store is able to cut the guess work out for their customers.

Gene Bruno

Gene Bruno - M.S. M.H.S.

Gene Bruno is the Dean of Academics for Huntington College of Health Sciences, a nationally accredited distance learning college offering diplomas and degrees in nutrition and other health science related subjects. Gene has two undergraduate diplomas in nutrition, Bachelors of Applied Science in Nutrition, a Master of Science in Nutrition, a graduate diploma in Herbal Medicine, and a Master of Health Science (specialization in Herbal Medicine).

More about Gene

He is currently working on his doctorate. For 30 years, Gene has provided professional services to the nutrition/herbal and natural products industries, as well as to the public. These services include education and training for retail natural products stores and health care professionals; clinical nutrition/medical herbalism in chiropractic, mental health and corporate facilities; and the research, formulation and development of natural products for more than a dozen dietary supplement companies in the United States and Canada.

Chad Brey

Chad Brey - Lead Scientist

Chad is our resident genius, with a multitude of degrees and years of experience in the lab. As our lead scientist, Chad's white coat stands for excellence, success and quality. He holds a B.S. degree in biochemistry from California State University, Northridge. Inorganic chemistry- U.S.Borax, pharmaceutical biochemistry research - Amgen, Analytical chemistry - Baxter Biosciences, organic/silicone chemistry research - Nusil Technology.

More about Chad

Chad and Bernard have been working together for over 13 years. In fact, Chad worked in Bernard's retail store while studying to become a chemist. Chad has written 100's of informative literature pieces. These articles can be downloaded here and are one of the many ways Viva Vitamins works hard to help you make informed decisions regarding vitamins and Supplements for you and your family.